Saturday, November 14, 2009



Friday, November 13, 2009

Original PUMA T-shirt for sale

Been out from here for so long, i decided to post on the PUMA T-shirt that my friend send to me today. The Original PUMA T-shirt is for sale and original price is RM198 and offer price is RM15 only... come grab it before finish!!!


Anyone interested to order??? Let me know ya, nowadays not easy to get it.


Sunday, June 28, 2009


Yes, if you are with my company and if you heard about reorganise of the department for the 1st time, i bet you will worried like me. But when this kind of thing happened too frequent then will start get used to it just like me. And yes, my department just reorg again...

When i first join, i was with a team called OSC which is a big group of peoples and it is fun to work with them. Then thing start to change.... [I tried very hard to recall back my department name!!! U know!!! ]

There goes...
  1. GO [Global Operation] -OSC [Operation Service Center] then
  2. GO -GSM [Global Systems Management] then
  3. GO -GSM Server Frontline then

  4. GO -GSM -PAM [Platform Application Management] then
  5. GO -GSM -PAM Server Analyst then
  6. GO -GSM Infrastructure then
  7. GO -GSM Security then
  8. ISD [Integrated Service Desk] -GSM Security then

  9. ISD -SSD [Security Service Desk] then

  10. ISD -ISM [Information Security Management] then

  11. ISD -ISM -MaP [Monitoring and Patching] then

  12. IIRS [Intel Information Risk and Security] -ISM -MaP then

  13. ECCC [Enterprise Capabilities, Controls and Compliance] -ISM -MaP then

  14. ECCC -ISM -MaP then

  15. ECCC -EISO [Enterprise Information Security Operations] -MaP

To list this down i had ask few persons include my ex and current team mate on this... With the frequent changes, my ex-boss decided not to let us to make our name card due waste money...

And this remind me on the OSC days, OSC's xmas celebration was the most happening event that i ever had in my company. Why say so??? Check on the pics:

The people:

The Snowman competition:

The kids:

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Makan Journey #1 - Blue Reef

This is one of the makan trip that i had few months back...if i am not mistaken the name of the restaurant is Blue Reef, one of my friend said the food over there is nice!!!

So, few of us went but is not up to my expectation as what she recommended... the food served there is normal, the drink is not worth the price unless you drink wine. I notice that there serve wine or B.Y.O.W

Food: **
Drink: *
Environment: ***

Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Lucky vs unlucky

What are you going to do?
If the lucky you found a movie ticket on the complex... should you take it and sit in the cinema sharp at the showing time or just leave it...cos the unlucky one lost the tickets...or give to others?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I am back, i am back again... away for too long...

Again... many ppls asking the same Q... [banyak paiseh ni]

"Macam mana u punya blog, tadak update pun"
"Wei, when you wanna update?"
"Ey... you did it again... MIA"

Let me update 1 by 1 ... soon ~

Thursday, January 22, 2009



Boss:"How was da test?"
Me: "Positive but not that accurate like what i expect."

Deepak:"Ey, oledi 3 days d" ...
Me:"Oh.. okie okie ... i will update"...

Joel:" So can i say congratulations"
Me:" ahmik ???? Congrat hamik???"
Joel: "on pregnancy kit? on ur blog"
Joel: "wahahahha"
Me: "hahahhaahahhaah, i knew it"

Poi: "Congratulation, hahaha"
Serena T: "What!"
then kepoh walk over my cube and congrats me somemore telling me "If is true then must congrate jor"

Ah Girl was like blur blur ... they congrat apa pula ~

So, brotha-brotha sekalian... tu pics bukan what you guys think lar...
But is true that i am under some test!!! Tapi bukan test tu lar...
It is patch test = allergy test...

I need to put on 4 pieces of the sticky thing for 5 days and must not kena with water...
It was so suffered especially felt itchy and cant scratch it. Plus took bath also need some special skill too... kakaka